The Guys Next Door

You are in a treat today because we have two smoking hot hunks sucking each other next to the pool. They were neighbors for a while now, but never got to know each other to well. A few days ago one of them invited the whole neighborhood to a barbeque. It was the perfect place to get to know each other, but with so many people there they couldn’t actually talk. They both knew that they like guys, because you had to be blind to not notice all the guys leaving their houses. Well the day after the barbeque the blond stud went over to help clean all the mess after the party. Both of them were summary dressed with their bathing suits on, so it wasn’t too hand to slip a hand in the right place. In no time they started sucking each other’s cock. If you loved this hot episode you must visit czech hunter for more guys fucking in public places. Until next time enjoy!

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