Raging Stallions Landon Conrad Fucking

The Saddle Up scene is here for you guys and it features one of your favorite ragging stallion, Landon Conrad. Landon went out of the town for the weekend and one of his friends suggested to him a nice country side house that he owned. He told Landon that no one was going to bother him there because there weren’t any houses around it. Landon went there but as he was parking his car he saw this hot guy working on a field next to the house. He took his things up to the room and then went out to look for the hot hunk. But as he was staring after him, the hunk came out from one the stables. He introduced himself and then Landon found out that he worked there. He just couldn’t let him go that easily so he tried his luck and started flirting with the hot hunk. Landon didn’t had to work to much because the stable boy was all over him and the rest you can see it below!

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